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26 January 2010 @ 12:17 am
Smallville Crossover MANIPS  
Manips are NOT to be taken UNLESS you comment below and tell me you're taking one of them. AND CREDIT ME.

[01] Chloe/Booth (Smallville/Bones) Manips
[01] Chloe/Ares (Smallville/Xena: The Warrior Princess) Manips
[02] Chloe/Michael (Smallville/Roswell) Manips
[01] Chloe/Max/Michael (Smallville/Roswell) Manips
[03] Chloe/Cappie (Smallville/Greek) Manips

[01] Chloe/Henry (Smallville/Blood Ties) Manip
[01] Chloe/Castiel (Smallville/Supernatural) Manip
[03] Chloe/Damon (Smallville/Vampire Diaries) Manips
[02] Chloe/Eric (Smallville/True Blood) Manips
[01] Chloe/Peter (Smallville/Fringe) Manip
[03] Chloe/Scott (Smallville/X-men) Manips