Roswellxovers Challenge: New Home, New Friends

Hello my fellow Roswell fans... I just posted a challenge to roswellxovers.

Challenge: New Home, New Friends

* Could be any rating as long as you warn people.
* Could be a crossover with ANY fandom.
* There is no time limit on this.
* Minimum word count is 200 words.
* Must be Post episode "Graduate" although it could be an AU version of the ep or AU version of the show. As long as the Pod squad has left Roswell behind them.
* Must feature at least ONE person from another fandom and the place in which that character is from.
* Anyone who writes for this challenge will get a poster (if longer than 500k) or banner (under 500k) for the story.

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New Prompt!

Please remember that all replies to the prompt must be at least 100 words, but there is NO max in length. Please post in a seperate entry, not in the comments... and remember to TAG it! :) And no time limit!!!

Prompt: home

Smallville Crossover MANIPS

Manips are NOT to be taken UNLESS you comment below and tell me you're taking one of them. AND CREDIT ME.

[01] Chloe/Booth (Smallville/Bones) Manips
[01] Chloe/Ares (Smallville/Xena: The Warrior Princess) Manips
[02] Chloe/Michael (Smallville/Roswell) Manips
[01] Chloe/Max/Michael (Smallville/Roswell) Manips
[03] Chloe/Cappie (Smallville/Greek) Manips

[01] Chloe/Henry (Smallville/Blood Ties) Manip
[01] Chloe/Castiel (Smallville/Supernatural) Manip
[03] Chloe/Damon (Smallville/Vampire Diaries) Manips
[02] Chloe/Eric (Smallville/True Blood) Manips
[01] Chloe/Peter (Smallville/Fringe) Manip
[03] Chloe/Scott (Smallville/X-men) Manips



The below icons were created for xovers20in20 Round 1. Blanks are NOT bases. Please CREDIT & COMMENT if you take anything.

[17] Chloe/Damon (Vampire Diaries)
[16] Chloe/Castiel (Supernatural)
[15] Chloe/Cappie (Greek)
[12] Chloe/Michael (Roswell)
[12] Chloe/Booth (Bones)
[08] Chloe/Scott (X-Men)
[05] Chloe/Ares (Xena: The Warrior Princess)
[04] Chloe/Henry (Blood Ties)
[04] Chloe/Arthur (Merlin)
[04] Chloe/Draco (Harry Potter)
[03] Chloe/Peter (Fringe)
[03] Chloe/Eric (True Blood)
[02] Chloe/Lucian (Underworld)
[02] Chloe/Max/Michael (Roswell)

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Fic: The Aftereffects (Roswell/Smallville, Michael/Zatanna, PG-13)

Title: The Aftereffects
Fandoms: Roswell and Smallville
Pairings: Michael/Zatanna
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Suggested Adult Content. Fluffy.
Summary: “That was simply amazing”
Notes: Written for my Drabbles Request Meme for bringthefate prompt Zatanna/Michael. Also written for fivebyfiction prompt lovers. This is also the first time I posted anything related to Roswell - but definitely not the last! ;D
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( the aftereffects........ )